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Who we are

Brain Intelligence – The First Cutting Edge Neuroscience Research Company In China

Applying neuroscience research, we help our clients understand the consumer’s real feelings and needs. We specialize in eye tracking and EEG technology to capture real visual attention and the unconscious mind of the consumer in real time objectively.

Why choose us

Neuroscience methodologies provide direct access to the consumer’s unconscious mind. We can help you to quantitatively measure:

  • Emotion
  • Memory encoding
  • Arousal

Our experience

Creative Evaluation - 8 years
Media Evaluation - 8 years
Usability Testing - 8 years
Product Need Research - 6 years
Game Playability Testing - 6 years

About Our Founder


Roy Tang 唐瑞鸿


Email: ruihong.tang [at]

Ruihong Tang is founder and Managing Director of Brain Intelligence. The company arose out of her professional training and research interest and aims to be a bridge between the academic and commercial worlds. She is a trained neuroscientist with a BSc in Psychology and MSc in Cognitive Neuroscience from the University of York, UK. She has presented at a number of conferences abroad. Available publications in English:

We are proud to work with



Internationalist Magazine
Industry Observer

Ruihong Tang has been able to demonstrate in the vast and complicated world of Chinese Internet Advertising, how marketers can stop guessing about their online media returns. She shows how the precision of her eye movement and brain monitoring data proves that there is often a discrepancy between ad pricing and visual attention/human interest.

Areas Of Expertise


We help many advertisers and media companies solve the problem of online advertising, and help them to market more effectively in the multi-screen era.

Shopper Research

We advise real estate developers and individual store owners about the optimal setups for shopper experience


We help a variety of games improve retention and game satisfaction. Most of our game clients have reached monthly revenues in excess of USD 2 million after working with us


We have recently started to explore the industry with Tencent Pictures