Neuroscience research does not depend on the consumer’s verbal ability or willingness to share. It measures the consumer’s physiological activity directly.


Neuroscience technology records whole brain activation so that it can illustrate comprehensive psychological activity.


Neuroscience technology measures physiological change down to the millisecond, capturing conscience and unconscious psychological activity.

Neuroscience: Measuring Consumer Thoughts & Feelings

Neuroscience is the key to the consumer's mind - their thoughts, feelings, and purchase motivation

Neuroscience can tell the difference between what consumers think they want and what they really want, and actually quantitatively prove what kind of product would satisfy their desire, so as to capture the market.

  • People actually have great difficulty in fully articulating their feelings when asked to express them explicitly
  • Humans have a tendency to rationalize their decisions
  • Now with non-invasive neuroscience technology, we can monitor the brain in real time, i.e. “talk” to the consumer’s brain directly

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Brain Intelligence – The First Cutting Edge Neuroscience Research Company In China

Applying neuroscience research, we help our clients understand the consumer’s real feelings and needs. We specialize in eye tracking and EEG technology to capture real visual attention and the unconscious mind of the consumer in real time objectively.

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Neuroscience methodologies provide direct access to the consumer’s unconscious mind. We can help you to quantitatively measure:

  • Emotion
  • Memory encoding
  • Arousal

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Creative Evaluation - 8 years
Media Evaluation - 8 years
Usability Testing - 8 years
Product Need Research - 6 years
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